A Beautiful Goodbye!!

It was Adios, long before I knew

Heart hasn’t accepted it yet, though it always knew

Goodbyes not so pretty as they sound, yet it was beautiful which I astoun

Her heart forced her to part away, though her eyes still fighted all the way

She knew I was hiding my pain & she told me it’s vain

The lost look in her eyes still hovers my nights

The goodbye now makes me wonder at nights, how b’ful she made this one to last forever in my sight.

Keep Smiling as You Do.


Water under the Bridge? Now, Never or Ever?

If you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently

Don’t pretend that you don’t want me.

Our love ain’t water under the Bridge.

The writer has beautifully expressed the views that no matter what happens or no matter whatever the circumstances, if feelings as beautiful as Love are real to its deepest extent then then they should never be demeaned by considering them as not important.

The feelings may seem unimportant in current scenarios but at the time when they were felt they were true to its very nature. Labeling them as unimportant may come as a disrespect to one’s own thoughts and feelings. It would be a question to one’s own soul.

Soul on the other hands never feel any disconnected or non oriented aura’s. If two aura’s were connected then they were for some reason. The reason has to be respected. Connections are temporary or like a switch. Some switches gets flipped, some don’t.

But whatever the scenarios, one should always be content in whatever the status of connections.

Status Quo of connections may change or not. But Status Quo should always remain the same for respect of the feelings.

Over Rated Reality

There are times when one thinks of the conversations which one had with that someone who matches at every levels of cosmic connectivity.

Though those conversations may or may not be joyful but still the meaningful incerpts & deep excerpts which may be derived from them at a very later stage are the ones which forces one to believe that the things which seemed irrelevant or meaningless are worthy to think of now. That other person who seemed itchy at the moment is suddenly at very good graces in your heart for the bitter but rightful things said by that person.

The most difficult thing for times like these is that one cannot express these to that person now. The ship has already sailed to be on the same page. The handicap feeling is very tiring to digest. Why is it difficult to show your respect and accept that other person was right all at those times. Just because the ship has sailed should not mean that emergency services cannot be made use of.

At least this would help both the persons to be at peace with certain things. After all Emergency services are what for. For some people this doesn’t matter now to be at peace but for some it is.

So, in reality things seeming irrelevant may not be at all. This over rated practical value of reality always shadows the would be scenarios which could help bring peace to the hearts.

“Reality is never a reality if it is Over Rated”

Raincheck on “Rain & Music”

Rain & Music – two things which complement each other in so many ways.

The mightiest sound of awaited rain, the slightest sound of our favorite riff does make us go deep into our thoughts.

The feel of very first drops on our skin is certainly like the harmonies floating through us. The same way listening to the music connected with us deeply is like the soothing & calming droplets of Rain.

So, when it comes to Rain & Music in the heart, Raincheck shall never come in the mind.

Loved me Like She Did !!

The Look on her face

The depth in her eyes

The Warmth of her feelings

The empathy of her heart

The kindness of her soul

Still makes me believe that she “Loved me like she did”.

No wonder the below lines completes the emotions:

“You are the light, you are the night.

You’re the cure, you’re the pain

Never knew that it could mean so much

You’re the fear i don’t care,

Cause I’ve never been so high

You can see the world you’ve brought to life.

Fading in, fading out

on the edge of paradise

Only you can set my heart on Fire

Love me like you do”

The Feeling of Abode

Well we started off beautifully, no doubt about it.

Eventually we grew up amazingly on each other

The first sense of “finding abode” with each other

was all supernatural in its True sense.

Well, i admit there were moments which you won’t like to remember,

but for that i would only say blame the head not the Heart.

Heart is always pure for feelings like this.

That feel of Abode can’t never really fade out.

There will be always be an unsaid voice asking you to “say something”.

Nevertheless, words were never of the utter importance,

It’s been a while now, but i still feel the connect.

Well, the “Mystical Abode” shall never cease to exist.


Feelings never really ends, Does it?

When our Heart choose someone & let it ,be chosen by someone

Then it dreams about everything beautiful & hope for that someone to weave the same dreams.

That someone may be far off but yet may be so close to our heart

That Someone may be like a strong aroma stoning us in our solitary times

& these are the times when one ought to listen what universe is calling out for.

The soothing weather may remind of all those excuses of getting lost in the eyes ,

when words held the least of the value.

Those smiling horizons, those humming winds

Do Compel us to listen to what our heart is singing.